What Does TPMS Mean?

TPMS Sensors
Despite being rugged by nature, tires can be one of the most delicate parts of any new car. Even if your tires are brand new, things like road debris and temperature fluctuations can change the air pressure in your tires. When your tire pressure monitoring system turns on its warning light you might wonder, “What does TPMS mean?” It stands for “Tire Pressure Monitoring System”, and it means that your Volkswagen is working to keep you safe on Starkville streets. Find out how with Barnes Crossing Volkswagen.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Features

What does TPMS mean? It stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System. A series of sensors keep tabs on your tire pressure and, if something’s off, it activates a light on your Volkswagen dashboard. The light’s usually yellow and looks like a flat-bottomed U with an exclamation point in the center. If your tires aren’t properly inflated when you’re driving in Oxford, you might find yourself with these issues:

  • Excessive tire wear
  • Poor traction
  • Decreased load carrying capability
  • A flat tire or blowout

TPMS and Proper Tire Inflation

Check your Volkswagen’s owner’s manual to find out what’s the optimal tire pressure for your vehicle. While it’s clear under-inflated tires will activate your Tire Pressure Monitoring System, over-inflated tires can cause problems, too. Keep your tires inflated to the degree indicated in your owner’s manual and you’ll:

  • Reduce tread movement that keeps you from replacing your tires as often.
  • Reduce rolling resistance which will increase gas mileage.
  • Increase water dispersion which decreases the chances of hydroplaning.

For more information on parts like Volkswagen Passat accessories, visit Barnes Crossing Volkswagen.

What Does TPMS Mean and What Should I Do?

If your tires aren’t properly inflated, it’s simple to add or release air at most service stations in West Point. Check for punctures or items that might be stuck in your tires. Once you’re sure your tire pressure is correct you might need to reset your TPMS. Most Volkswagens have a button with the TPMS symbol on it, usually located in the glovebox. Press that button until it dings.

If your tires keep activating your Tire Pressure Monitoring System, you might have an air leak or another issue that needs to be checked. Contact our service center for their advice.

Learn More About Your Volkswagen with Barnes Crossing Volkswagen!

Now that you know what TPMS means, learn more about your Volkswagen from the service center at Barnes Crossing Volkswagen. Our specially-trained technicians are here and ready to help you understand the inner workings of your car. We can also show you how to check your transmission fluid and how to change your car tires to help keep you car in top condition.

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